A well-designed solution to help you make your application lean and mean while being intuitive for business users


Store performance Data well over 15 Days

We know you need Data for well over 15 days to analyse the performance of any AWS asset, This is where you can save your data for upto 1 year with Lantana.


View the performance in a business
friendly manner

Getting the bigger picture of all AWS assets and performance overview of each AWS asset against all different aspects of its performance is key for better performance management.



To be elastic or not

We provide the mechanism for the business to understand the nature of real work load and the level of auto-scaling possibility for each AWS asset.



Set your standards for your application

Self-benchmarking Performance charts to benchmark against your application’s past performance. All the configuration items are monitored in near real time to diagnose problems before impacting users.


Support team friendly:

Increases the efficiency of Support team since they can get the exact cloud performance snapshot at a particular point in time.



Multi-instance DB

Lantana uses multi-instance DB for the security and physical separation of your application’s performance data. We encourage and promote you do this. You can purchase the MySql RDS instance and ask us to use your RDS for your APM data.