AWS Utilization Tracking

The capacity utilization score is the value between 0-100 where lower value indicates that AWS asset’s utilization is low and higher value would indicate the AWS asset is over-utilized. Using this technique, we are able to determine the performance of each AWS asset based on its configurable thresholds as stopped, idle, running smoothly, loaded and stressed.

Capacity utilization score is the consolidated value of performance based on the thresholds of each performance parameter of each AWS asset. Lantana is having adaptive baselines and thresholds for each parameter of each AWS asset.

Figure a shows list of parameter for RDS

Figure a

You can override these thresholds and manually set baselines and thresholds. Unless you want to do these manually changes, Lantana sets itself up to provide for you the deeper understanding of performance of AWS asset.
On clicking any of one them Figure b is seen .It shows details page

Figure b

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Ashish has been involved with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since year 2006 as a solution consultant and cloud architect. He has an extensive technology background gained through years of experience in providing consulting and design for various industry verticals. A recognized entrepreneur in the software industry, Ashish has a strong track record of innovation in areas such as distributed application development, product engineering and creating scalable and robust application architectures. He had been instrumental in SaaSifying client's products as well re-architecting the solution to optimally deploy on different cloud platforms. He leads the efforts of Lantana for cloud hosted application support and cloud migration consulting. Before joining 'Lantana Cloud', Ashish nurtured his venture e-Zest Solutions on software Development services in the space of cloud & BI analytics. Ashish have a passion for learning new technologies, he loves evaluating new tools and share these learning at different forums, platforms and meetups. Ashish holds an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication also postgraduate diploma in Software Application Engineering and postgraduate diploma in business administration. He is certified CRM professional from symbiosis, Pune and lead auditor for ISO 9001:2000.


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